About forgetfulness and Abraham Lincoln Views THE DAILY

About forgetfulness and Abraham Lincoln Views THE DAILY

"The Republican Party's behavior in this nomination is a remarkable indication of diminished mental capacity. They pass for leaders and abilities, and end up choosing a fourth sort of speaker who doesn't know grammar. "

The New York Herald wrote this when the Republican Party's candidate for the 1860 presidential election was announced. There were turbulent seasons then, the parties were different, the parties were completely different, however, the Republicans' choice to leave the politicians behind. had in their ranks and elected a relatively unknown lawyer who had a whole term in the House of Representatives (just two years, ten years earlier, with another party) to claim the presidency, it looked great the mistake.

"If the Ancient Greeks had this man, what trilogies, what epics would have been written for him! How the seams would praise him! How quickly this faint, tall figure would have risen to a world where people make gods, and gods make people gods! But Lincoln, his death and life, which would be great at any time, are ours. "

Within these nineteen years, and after a civil war and the liberation of slaves, the silent lawyer who knows "no grammar" had become an immortal national symbol. Within just a few years, it had become a timeless and universal symbol of leadership, dignity and kindness.

"The greatness of Napoleon, Caesar, or Washington is only moonlight in the sun that was Lincoln," wrote Leo Tolstoy in 1909. "His example is universal and will live for millennia. He was bigger than his country - bigger than all the presidents together, and he will live as long as the people live. "

The issue of hating people who are in such places is something I often think about - more often than they themselves seem to think. Few of us will ever be able to influence the lives of thousands or millions of people with our words and deeds, but many of those found will also be valued by History in one way or another. Certainly some will have little or no impact on anything, and History will overtake them, and so few today remember Ignatius von Rudhard, Benizelos Roufos or Konstantinos Georgakopoulos (their prime ministers).

Others, however, are recorded. We are now living in an age when historical sources are very easily accessible, and the historical appreciation of the lives of each such person is only a Google search. So anyone can find that History is not too polite or forgiving, and that Lincoln is a few.

Because we are living in an age when information is not spilled out as in 1870, but as a torrential downpour in an arbitrary flood, History has to record much more and, as it is known, as it searches nobody finds out. So how do all the populists and alt-right flowers think? How do they feel that they are being recorded in historical costumes? What does Maduro think they will say about him? How does Putin think about this? Do they really live in a distorted reality, convinced by their clowns that what they are doing is being recorded as a benefit to humanity and that the universe will thank them eternally for being there? Or do they not care about the aftermath, the hysteria, the imprint they leave behind, "politics as a profession" or anything beyond the power itself and the daily and ephemeral accessories of power? & Nbsp;