Andrew Lincoln regrets leaving The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln regrets leaving The Walking Dead

The longtime lead actor Andrew Lincoln got out of The Walking Dead with the current ninth season. But colleague Norman Reedus now reveals that he no longer finds this decision as great ...

After eight years as the main hero in "The Walking Dead", Andrew Lincoln decided to get out of the series produced in the USA in order to be able to take care of his family in Great Britain. When it was announced about a year ago, many already described it as the final beginning of the end. That did not seem unrealistic at the time, because both the odds and the quality of the series had continued to decline.

But before season 9, which will come to an end in the coming week, Angela Kang, a new show runner, also took over. And at least in terms of quality, she tore it around with force, "Walking Dead" is finally fun again. The most recently broadcast episode "The Quiet Before", in which there was a huge shock, is currently even the best rated of the whole series at the IMDb (together with season 6, episode 9). And because of this, Andrew Lincoln doesn't seem to be so happy about his exit anymore - at least that's what Daryl actor Norman Reedus suggested in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

"I only spoke to Andy yesterday. He said: 'Man, I really chose the wrong time to leave the show. It's so damn good right now! 'I replied:' Yes, you did, Dude. You definitely chose the wrong time. "

Fortunately, Andrew Lincoln has not left the franchise completely behind: He will be seen in three “Walking Dead” television films about his character Rick Grimes. However, Angela Kang will probably not be responsible for this - so we can only hope that the trilogy follows the quality of the current season. Otherwise Lincoln will regret his decision even more.

Next Monday, April 1st, 2019, the ninth season "The Walking Dead" will end. In Germany, the episode will be broadcast on the FOX Channel from 9:00 p.m., then it will be available on Sky Go, Sky Ticket and Sky On Demand. In the following video we have summarized the best moments of the current shock episode:

The season is also good because HE is gone! Okay, I admit I was never a Rick fan. For me, he was never really much better than the governor or Negan. Especially in seasons 5 and 6, he put himself above everything. I miss Carl e.g. more