Beloved and lost. Only with us before the pre-premiere fragment of George Saunders, awarded with the Booker "Lincoln in the Bardo"

Beloved and lost. Only with us before the pre-premiere fragment of George Saunders, awarded with the Booker Lincoln in the Bardo

George Saunders 'Lincoln in the Bardo' (Booker 2017) is the fiction debut of one of America's best writers. Previously, he only published stories, including 'December 10' (Photo: Opale / EAST NEWS)

In the new issue of "Books. Magazine for Reading" - on newsagents from August 28 - Juliusz Kurkiewicz's conversation with George Saunderes. About "Lincoln in the Bardo" and whether the modern world awaits a disaster.

At noon the President, Mrs. Lincoln and Robert came down to the ground floor to visit their beloved and lost one last time. They did not want any witnesses of the last sad moments they were to spend at home with their deceased child and brother. They spent almost half an hour with him. During this time a severe storm came, which the city had not experienced for years, and a terrible downpour with a storm, raging outside, seemed to harmoniously harmonize with the storm of despair that torn the souls of mourners.

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