Champions League: KF Feronikeli - Lincoln Red Imps FC 1-0 (1-0)

Champions League: KF Feronikeli - Lincoln Red Imps FC 1-0 (1-0)

On June 25 at Stadiumi Fadil Vokrri in Pristina there was a duel of the Champions League between the teams of FC Feronikele and Licoln FC. The match ended in regular time KF Feronikeli's 1-0 victory, which won the promotion. 3,000 spectators watched the startup.

You didn't have to wait long for the first goal of the match. Shortly after the start of the match, Mendurim Hoti scored the only goal of the match for KF Feronikele's team. The goal fell in the same minute.

In the 31st minute the referee gave Albert Dabiqaj from KFC Feronikele the yellow card, and in the 41st minute Iván Aguilar from the opposing team. The first half ended with a modest lead of KF Feronikele's eleven.

The referee awarded yellow cards to Licoln FC players: Marcos Pérez in & nbsp; 50. and & nbsp; Bori Gil in & nbsp; 52. minutes. & Nbsp; 56. minute Marcos Pérez was changed by Jesús Toscan.

The judge showed yellow cards to the players of KF Feronikela: Kastriot Rexże w & nbsp; 62. and & nbsp; Mendurim Hoti in & nbsp; 71. minutes. A moment later, coach Licoln FC decided to let a little more freshness into the & nbsp; assault line and & nbsp; in the 74th minute replaced the tired Iván Aguilar. Anthony Hernandez came on to replace the opponents. In the same minute, Mendurim Hoti was changed by Mevlan Zka, which was supposed to strengthen KF Feronikele's team. Soon, the opposing team coach also decided to refresh the squad, changing Gata to Falu Aranda.

A quarter of an hour before the end of the meeting Roy Chipolina from & nbsp; Licoln FC got a card. After a while the coach of KF Feronikele decided to defend the result. & Nbsp; 82. minute put on defensive. Astrit Thaçi, the typical defender who came in to help his team defend the result, came in behind Besmir Bojku. The coach turned out to be a good strategist, his decision allowed KF Feronikele's eleven to keep the lead. & Nbsp; 87. minute in & nbsp; KF Feronikele's team changed. Argjend Malay married Astrit Fazliu.

Referee in the first half showed one yellow card to the players of KF Feronikele, and in the second three. Licoln FC players saw one yellow card in the first half, and two more in the second half.

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