Donald Trump jokes with Nixon and Lincoln | panorama

Donald Trump jokes with Nixon and Lincoln | panorama

A painting full of Republican presidents hangs in the White House and employs art critics and comedians. Right in the middle, of course, Donald Trump.

Many paintings hang in the many rooms and corridors of the US Presidency. And every official hangs up old and new, depending on the political agenda or artistic taste. You want to feel comfortable in your temporary home.

Now there is a very special painting hanging there. Because now Donald Trump lives on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington - how much longer depends on the outcome of the impeachment proceedings against Trump. & Nbsp; But he is feeling very comfortable right now, like he did in a big interview with CBS journalist Lesley Steel confirmed. This may also be due to a picture that the 45th President of the United States is so delighted with that he hung it somewhere in the White House.

The picture is titled "The Republican Club". It shows 14 Republican Presidents: The 16th President starts: Abraham Lincoln, followed by Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard Nixon , Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Senior and Junior. In the middle, with a winner's smile and a blonde hair quarry on his forehead: Donald Trump.

Lincoln seems to be telling a joke about which Reagan, the Bushs, Eisenhower, Ford, Roosevelt and Nixon laugh. Maybe Nixon tells the joke too. It is not very clear. Donald himself looks satisfied and also amused. He's probably drinking a Coke, Nixon has a red wine, Eisenhower maybe a Scotch, Bush Junior, a dry alcoholic, an iced tea. Reagan something very strange.

The painter Andy Thomas created the work of art. Republican Congressman Darrell Issa from California gave the picture to Trump, according to Thomas. He told him by phone how much he liked the picture, Thomas told the website "Daily Beast". Most of the time he wouldn't like pictures of himself Trump had told Thomas.

In a previous picture, the painter had already sketched the "Club of Democrats", on which Barack Obama could be seen in a similar scenario with former presidents of his party. Only the picture doesn't hang in the White House. In both pictures, however, a woman can be seen in the shadow, walking towards the table occupied by the men. It was "the future female president of the United States," says Thomas, of whom he only knew that she would soon be there, but not which party she belonged to.

For US media, art experts, and entertainment professionals, the painting is a stepping stone of the mockery. Art critic Jerry Saltz called it an "idiotic dog playing poker picture" and comedian Jimmy Kimmel a "beautifully crafted work of narcissism". There are three living people (next to Trump the two Bushes) in the picture: "Two of them hate Donald Trump, the third is Donald Trump."

It was difficult for him to draw Trump, said the painter Thomas, which would be due to the skin color of the president. When Thomas is not painting presidents, he brings cowboys to the canvas.