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It reminds me of April 14, 1865, Samuel, the day of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the President of the United States. The American Civil War had just ended a week earlier. Abraham Lincoln enjoys a few moments of relaxation. He went that evening, with his wife, to the Ford’s Theater in Washington. We're playing Our cousin of America by Tom Taylor. The couple are installed in box number 7. But after an hour of spectacle, a man enters the box and a detonation sounds. Lincoln is shot in the head, he is dead.

Simply because the sentry responsible for guarding the entrance found it more convenient - and more comfortable - to go and empty a few drinks in the tavern opposite. The murderer, John Wilkes Booth, a young man of 26, had only to open the door and shoot.

No. For the simple reason that many spectators do not understand what has just happened. Many believe that this is a twist in the play, that this interruption is part of the show. The flutter lasts a few seconds, soon it is rumored that the president has just been assassinated, but it is too late. Booth is far away already.

Booth is found a week later and shot dead. He was from the South and wanted, by this gesture, to avenge the southern defeat by killing one of the highest symbols of the North. But he did not act alone. Four of his accomplices will also be arrested and hanged. Booth had instructed them to kill Vice President Johnson and Secretary of State Seward on their side. These two assassination attempts failed. But this is another story.

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