Lincoln, a murdered president

Lincoln, a murdered president

WHAT ARE THEY REALLY DEAD WITH? (6/6) - On April 14, 1865, John Wilkes Booth shot the president in the head. With the advancement of medicine, could he have survived today?

In April 1861, Abraham Lincoln became the 16th President of the United States. The Kentucky lawyer is the first Republican to head the country. At the time, the party defended the abolition of slavery. This coming to power deeply divides the country. With the announcement of Lincoln's victory, the 11 southern states, whose economy is based on cotton fields, begin a process of secession. They separate from the rest of the country to create the Confederate States of America. The Civil War broke out barely a month after the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln. In four years, more than 620,000 soldiers fell in the bloodiest fighting in the history of the United States. Tens of thousands of civilians add to this terrible toll.

However, the Civil War did not bend Lincoln. He is even convinced that the abolition of slavery will put an end to the bloodbath. On January 31, 1865, he succeeded in having the 13th amendment to the American Constitution passed in the House of Representatives.

The article nevertheless made a shortcut on Lincoln and the abolition of slavery. This was not intended from the start by Lincoln and this question was not at the start of the war, it seems to me, the most important. Then it became.

Lincoln was "a fanatic" of the abolition of slavery: abolish everything, right away. without taking into account economic notions or mentalities. Result: a deadly civil war, then a virulent racism of the losers until today.

By negotiating, by demanding an improvement in the lot of slaves when many were the anti-slavers in the South and also many the owners of slaves treating them well, he and his successors would have obtained in 20 years the end of slavery.

Lincoln started a civil war to end the South African wealth. Slavery was just a pretext. This civil war caused the equivalent of 6 to 7 million deaths compared to the current population of the USA. Not to mention the cripples. A huge success. Just out of jealousy. This man who is praised today. This is the kind of genius we need & nbsp ;?

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