Lincoln at the Bardo: discussions behind the scenes of death *** 1/2

Lincoln at the Bardo: discussions behind the scenes of death *** 1/2

The first novel by short story writer George Saunders is a real literary anomaly. Winner of the 2017 Man Booker Prize, Lincoln at the Bardo is a confusing, destabilizing, offbeat text, whose unusual form is more like, at times, a play, and the narration breaks all conventions.

The author of Dix & nbsp; Décembre plays with literary codes and waltzes with different styles of writing according to the multiple voices that echo, in the shade of the graves of a cemetery in the American capital, in the dark hours of XIXth & nbsp; century.

As the civil war rages on, President Abraham Lincoln and his wife hold a sumptuous celebration that brings together all the famous personalities of their entourage. But the hosts are tormented by the state of health of their young son Willie, which is getting worse. The boy's fever comes to an end, and it is a demolished, unrecognizable man who goes to his son's grave to pour out his grief.

The wandering souls of the cemetery welcome the newcomer and hurry to testify to the good character of Willie. The boy should not stay with them for very long, they believe, since they are in a sort of purgatory where the children are just passing through.

Disjointed conversations ensue between lost souls, interspersed with the last exchanges between Lincoln and his son. Meanwhile, the war progresses in filigree, more and more real. And as the cost of human lives increases, new characters appear on death row.

Lincoln's prose to the Bardo is bold, one of a kind, perhaps even risky because of a style which, it must be admitted, is not easy; it recalls works like the vertiginous Umbrella, by Will & nbsp; Self, or the strange House of the tests, by Jason & nbsp; Hrivnak.

Both a satire on the afterlife and an account of the American Civil War, George Saunders' novel is above all a brilliant metaphor for mourning and life after death. If we manage to go beyond the unusual form of the novel, we plunge into a story tinged with irony and black humor that will appeal to curious readers to taste unique literary experiences.

Dancer, singer in her spare time, choreographer and director for the Cirque du Soleil, Lydia Bouchard, who was revealed to the public with the program Révolution, where she occupies a judge's chair, has, it seems, all talents. The artist adds a string to his bow with the novel S’envoler, quasi, which has just been reissued.

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Next May 7th, at Club Soda, the 3rd Gala of the Prix des libraires du Québec will take place. A total of six prizes will be awarded in four categories: comics, essays, poetry and the category of novels, short stories and short stories.

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It’s a great honor, given by little ones. The quest for Albert and Isabelle Arsenault won the Prix des Écoles 2020 at the Comic Festival in Angoulême, France. This is the first award-winning Quebec youth comic book in Angoulême, the main francophone comic book festival in the world.

(Paris) French editor Vanessa Springora who denounced in a book her relationship under the influence when she was a minor with the writer Gabriel Matzneff, was heard on Wednesday by investigators in Paris, we learned from sources close to the 'investigation and judicial, confirming information from the Parisian.

(Paris) French writer Gabriel Matzneff, under investigation for rape of minors, says "& nbsp; regret & nbsp;" his past pedophile practices in Asia, while arguing that "& nbsp; at the time & nbsp; "," Nobody ever spoke of a crime ". & Nbsp; & nbsp;

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(Montreal) Kobe Bryant and Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho were working together on a children's book, but the author of Alchemist claims to have deleted the document after learning of the death of the basketball player in a helicopter accident on Sunday .

The French writer Hubert Mingarelli, winner of the Prix Medici in 2003 and whose latest novel appeared in the selection of Goncourt, died last weekend at the age of 64, we learned on Monday from his & nbsp ;editor.

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Finnish writer Arto Paasilinna passed away a little over a year ago, but the publishing house Denoël has just published a novel published in 1993, Adam & nbsp; & amp; & nbsp; Eve, who had never been translated into French.

Twelve years after Dust Perfume, the first incandescent book that made him known, Montreal-born writer of Lebanese origin Rawi & nbsp; Hage returns to Beirut in The Hellfire Society. An excessive fourth novel with very dark humor and dull violence, which attacks all nonsense without discrimination. War, death, life, religion, literature: frank and ironic discussion around universal themes with an author not always convenient.

Last year, following the publication of her novel Anna and the child-old man, Francine Ruel spoke of "mourning for a living child". It is also the theme, in a very different context, that said, of Constance Debré's latest novel. In this autofiction, the author of Playboy recounts how her ex-husband removed her from custody of her son after she announced his homosexuality.