Lincoln Aviator at the New York Auto Show

Lincoln Aviator at the New York Auto Show

Meet Lincoln's new luxury SUV, Aviator. The vehicle we saw the teaser of recently has not been released yet. The vehicle introduced by the luxury car manufacturer is a "preview" of the production model we will see next year. So does this make the concept or prototype tool? We do not have precise information about this, but what we know is that the vehicle is very cool.

"Lincoln Navigator is still turning heads and attracting new customers. We believe Aviator will attract more customers to Lincoln showrooms with its simple design, cutting-edge technology and a well-functioning plug-in hybrid option. A good option for families looking for 3-row seats. " used expressions.

Lincoln is not sharing much information about the Aviator, which will be released next year. But it became clear with Falotico's statement that the plug-in option would be available. The vehicle will be the company's first PHEV model. Plug-in models often work with a modest internal combustion engine, but the manufacturer's plan seems to be different. According to Lincoln, the unit to be combined with the twin-turbo V6 will be "more powerful than most super cars". This discourse is often bold for a company that does not produce tools that stand out with its performance. We are looking forward to the production version of the vehicle, which will have a rear-wheel drive system.

The American manufacturer's plan is to put the new Aviator into the 3-row SUV segment. You will be able to use your smartphone as a key in the luxury vehicle, which will be very functional for buyers. Ford's new Co-Pilot360 safety and driving assistance system will also have a system inside the vehicle, called the company's Suspension Imaging Technology. This system will follow the path and automatically adjust your suspensions.

As it is only a "preview" model, it is a bit difficult to guess which of these features will be in the production version. According to Lincoln, the vehicle on display is not just a prototype, but the car the company aims to produce. Judging by what we've seen so far, this tool will look great.