Lincoln Continental Mark V with German V12, or dream cruiser

Lincoln Continental Mark V with German V12, or dream cruiser

We recently wrote about an English classic that got a new heart from Japan. Today you will read about the same operation, but performed on an American cruiser, in which the sluggish V8 had to give way to one of the best German engines.

How to import a car from the States is best a model from the era in which huge, angular cruisers were driving on those highways. The 1977 Lincoln Continental is a perfect example of such a car that has at least one huge fan in Great Britain. Shabir Uddin, owner of BU Motors, brought such a Lincoln from Texas.

Not only was Lincoln coming from a sunny state where cars are not prone to rust, Uddin managed to find a copy with very low mileage. The previous owner (or owners) drove it only 41 thousand for 41 years. kilometers.

There was a 385 Ford engine under Lincoln's bonnet, a huge V8 with 460 cubic inches, or 7.5L in Europe. Sounds great, right? However, Mr. Uddin said that the V8 is not enough and decided to replace it with something even cooler. This is how the Lincoln Continental Mark V was created in the British Isles, powered by a 6-liter V12 engine, marked M 120, taken out of the Mercedes W140. Without any modifications, the power of this unit is 394 hp, which is about 170-175 hp more than Ford's V8.

I wonder how to drive such a big and rocking car with such power. Probably very cool. At least I hope so, because the entire conversion took 8 months and was done really wisely. In addition to the engine, an outdated 3-speed automatic gearbox flew out of Lincoln, replaced by a 4-speed automatic transmission from Mercedes. From the original Lincoln drive, only the rear differential with a gear ratio of 2.75 is left.

Mark V also got a new, red varnish, decorated by hand with small stripes (so-called pinstripes or ashers). The roof color has also been changed to white. Red cars with a white roof are one of the most beautiful things in the world and for 16 years I promise myself that someday I will do it myself.

Returning, however, to Lincoln and his renovation: the upholstery was in such good condition that it only required thorough cleaning. Just like the lame. & Nbsp; Purists certainly won't like the Spirit of Ecstasy figurine that replaced Lincoln's original viewfinder on the front. But it's a British project, so it fits.

Finished (at the moment) Lincoln looks gorgeous and is probably one of the most comfortable cars on the Islands. I could go somewhere far away on vacation. Of course the highway. And with a magic fuel card so you don't spend all your money on getting there. I wonder what plans Shabir Uddin has for his new toy.

His Lincoln Mark V will probably have a quiet life and most of the time he will do as a showcase BU Motors, standing parked in some nicely exposed place. Or it will be sold. A car of this size, with the steering wheel located on the left, will probably cause some problems on English roads. Riding it among all these Fiestas and Cors probably resembles maneuvering a tanker in a marina among sailboats.

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