Lincoln Continental with doors against the wind, or Rolls-Royce in American

Lincoln Continental with doors against the wind, or Rolls-Royce in American

Despite all kinds of fluctuations, changes in tastes regarding body types and other factors, Americans still have a lot of sympathy for domestic motoring. General Motors still has the largest share in the local market (16.5%), followed by Ford and Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (Italian-American concern, fact).

Looking at the list of best-selling cars in the past 2018, the case looks even more interesting. The unbeatable leader for years is the massive Ford F-150 pickup that Americans simply love. Every year, an average of half a million pieces of this car are sold. The podium is closed by other domestic pickups - Chevrolet Silverado and RAM 1500.

And although subsequent deposits are already saturated with the influence of Japanese brands (Toyota, Honda, Nissan), it can be seen that the fight in the passenger car and SUV class is quite evenly balanced between the two blocks - Asian and American. And where are Europeans in all this?

European manufacturers, unfortunately, despite the years devoted to trying to approach the American customer in various ways, are doing poorly in the US or have long ago withdrawn from there. Currently, Volkswagen is the only large brand of popular cars from the old continent that is still fighting. And he is fighting despite the Dieselgate scandal that ruined his image overseas.

However, there is one class of vehicles in which Europeans are invincible. It is a premium class in which (just like us) the "big trinity" from Germany - Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz has been leading the way for years. Local producers still can't beat it.

The undisputed leader is the star brand, which in the 21st century only once went down with annual sales of less than 200,000 units. Last year, Mercedes found 370,000 buyers and everything indicates that in the future it will be even better.

Similarly, BMW - although it has dropped in the last two years, still sells over 300,000 cars a year in the US. And Audi? The local branch on each New Year's Eve can fund double champagne recently.

Even 10 years ago, the Ingolstadt company sold a meager 80,000 cars a year, clearly out of the competition. Over the decade, it has doubled its influence. It is now a quarter of a million cars annually already, chasing the local Cadillac and Lincoln a long time ago. Just. Cadillac and Lincoln.

Both of these brands are bravely fighting for years for the arms of the local industry against the influence of the German trinity. Unfortunately, they are constantly losing this fight without even hitting the podium. Even worse, Cadillac is currently on a bend. Sales are falling, the current president has been chased, and unexpectedly the flagship CT6 model will be cut from next year's offer.

It is different with Lincoln, which was marginalized a decade ago, and now - is doing better and better. Although last year the company sold twice as few cars as Audi, the management is full of optimism and is doing everything to increase this result in the following years. In addition to the presentation of the large SUV Aviator, the brand has also prepared a small gift for brand lovers.

Lincoln Continental is the same for this manufacturer as the S-Class is for Mercedes and the Audi A8 is for Audi. His first generation will celebrate his 80th birthday next year. On this occasion, the Americans decided to develop a unique, limited series of their flagship limousine.

Continental Coach Edition will be built in a limited number of 80 pieces. It will be distinguished by one important parameter. Unlike the standard model, there are rear doors opening against the wind - like in Rolls-Royce. In addition, the limited Continental measures 15 centimeters more.

Rear row passengers are to be spoiled with seats with massage function and electric backrest adjustment. The driver - a chair adjustable in 30 planes, as well as numerous safety systems while driving.

Under the hood of the limited Continental there is a double-charged, 3-liter V6 with 406 hp, which provides 400 Nm of torque. While driving, you can choose between sport, comfort and classic modes.