Lincoln Corsair with luxury class

Lincoln Corsair with luxury class

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Ford's luxury daughter Lincoln shows its new SUV Corsair at the New York Auto Show. According to his own statements, Lincoln was inspired by the Latin "cursus" for "travel".

When designing the Corsair, the designers used the larger Navigator and Aviator models. While the Navigator and Aviator are equipped with three rows of seats, the smaller Corsair only gets two rows. Lincoln promises that the occupants will travel in a particularly quiet interior - the soundproofing of the dashboard is double-walled and the engine is encapsulated towards the passenger compartment. In addition, an active noise control system with the help of counter-sound ensures a quieter interior.

If it sounds in the Corsair, then it is correct: The manufacturer describes the warning tones for an open fuel filler flap or a seat belt that has not been worn as a soothing "symphonic chime" - the sounds were actually recorded by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. An audio system with 14 loudspeakers is responsible for the distribution of the tones.

There is a compartment in the front center armrest for wireless charging of suitable mobile devices. There are also multiple sockets and a WiFi hotspot. Sync 3 and AppLink connect mobile devices to the Corsair infotainment system. Lincoln also offers apps to control functions of the Corsair remotely. The doors can be unlocked using the app, the tailgate can be opened in this way and the SUV can be started using a smartphone.

The front seats of the Corsair are equipped with a massage function, the rear seats can be moved lengthways. Lincoln emphasizes that there is more legroom in the rear seats of the Corsair than in a Tesla Model X or a Mercedes GLS.

The Corsair can optionally be equipped with a head-up display. This projects driving-relevant information into the windscreen. The driving assistance systems include an automatic emergency braking function with pedestrian detection, an adaptive cruise control with stop & amp; go function, a blind spot warning, automatic high beam, a lane keeping system, a reversing camera and a reverse brake assistant.

For the drive, the customer can choose between two four-cylinder turbo engines. The offer includes a 2.0-liter engine with 250 hp and a maximum torque of 373 Nm and a 2.3-liter engine with 280 hp and 420 Nm. If desired, the power of both engines can be brought to the road via an automatically switchable all-wheel system, the properties of which can be set in five modes.

For Lincoln, the Corsair is a small SUV. Nevertheless, the Americans are careful to fill it with as much luxury as possible and to make the interior quiet. In addition, there are potent engines from the mother Ford. Lincoln is considered a luxury brand in America, but the prices are very moderate from a European perspective. Thus, the Corsair could turn out to be a top-class but affordable and manageable size SUV.