Lincoln swam through the Suez Canal. Middle East

Lincoln swam through the Suez Canal. Middle East

USS aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln sailed the Suez Canal. As the US authorities said, the displacement of the aircraft carrier from the Mediterranean to the Middle East is a warning to Iran.

The decision to send to the Middle East a strike group of warships with an aircraft carrier and a bomber squadron was announced on Sunday by US President Advisor Donald Trump on national security, John Bolton. As the acting head of the Pentagon Patrick Shanahan said, it is a response to the "credible threat from the forces of the Iranian regime" to the armed forces or US interests.

In recent days there has been a sharpening of relations between Washington and Tehran. The Trump administration is tightening sanctions, seeking to completely isolate Iran and deprive it of its oil export revenues, and has recently recognized the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization.

In turn, Iran decided on Wednesday to withdraw from some of its obligations contained in the 2015 international nuclear agreement. President Hasan Rowhani warned that if within 60 days no new contract terms were reached, Tehran would resume the production of highly enriched uranium.

The international agreement on the control of Iran's nuclear weapons development program in 2015 concerned Iran's reduction of work on enriching uranium in exchange for the gradual lifting of economic sanctions.

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