Lincoln Town Car imitating Rolls-Royce. I just don't know which one

Lincoln Town Car imitating Rolls-Royce. I just don't know which one

I know long party cars have to be kitschy. After all, this modification of Lincoln Town Car makes me feel like asking "what's this?"

The so-called. Limousines, or terrifyingly elongated sedans, have never been too beautiful. What's more, for some time such dachshunds are mainly associated with unleavened bachelorette parties and feigned prestige. However, some can still raise a million unanswered questions. For example, the Lincoln Town Car offered in Bialystok pretending to be Rolls-Royce.

Of course, the limousine service for unleavened parties is not by definition stylish. Paying attention, flashiness - these are the priorities. He understood it perfectly, for example, the owner of Nysa in magenta. Plush, strange varnish, additional lighting - here you are. Who said that party mass culture is to be tasted? The same can be done with Lincoln Town Town Cars, the most popular bases for building extended limousines. This model is simple and structurally durable, based on the iconic Ford Crown Victoria.

Questions start when the owners instead of traditionally throw in as much plush and colors as possible, put inexpensive prestige. In the case of White Lincoln, it was made into a "Rolls replica". At the same time, the word replica is very exaggerated. I am not a specialist for this brand's cars, but it doesn't look like any existing model. I see some resemblance to the sixth generation Phantom, but a faithful copy is certainly not.

I look at it and wonder what happened here. Rolls it may and it reminds, but only after a few deeper and at night. Both the front and the back imitate roughly the exclusive brand. Especially the front, which looks like Lego bricks. I also see the 2107 Ladas in it. Only then do I notice the resemblance to the British legend. What's better, the new elements are brazenly glued to the narrower center of Town Car. For what? What is this for? Neither nice, neither prestigious nor party. It resembles replicas from the deep 90s. Only those were pre-internet times, in Poland hardly anyone saw expensive cars somewhere outside of TV. At that time, even the kicked proportions and very rough copies were to be swallowed. Since then, a lot has changed in the minds of people, even those not interested in motoring.

Also, let's meet - what does Rolls-Royce associate with? With older gray men with accounts in Swiss banks. Where is the connection with wild parties.

As a result, we have the interior in a normal, limousine style and a fierce monster from the outside. The proportions do not match, Rolls-Royce only resembles this roughly, and for the party a more interesting choice will be the above-mentioned Nysa. It will probably also be safer.

If the company wanted to draw attention, it wasn't better to just stop at the colors and tinsel? I suspect yes, but maybe I don't know the needs of participants of hen parties. In fact, I certainly don't know myself. It's hard. On the other hand - for some reason the owner sells this car shortly after investing in it.

I still don't understand why it was created and someone spent money on such a crude modification, and now he is "sorry about the sale." I showed you this thing just so that you, like me, would waste a bit of Monday wondering why something like this was created in 2015. Maybe someone will explain to me what this Excalibur is about in the title, because I don't see this retro car here in trace amounts. Probably it has something to do with the fact that this is another replica from the offer of the company selling Lincoln.

The main photo comes from the sale offer on OtoMoto.

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