Raw Fury moves to new premises in Stockholm and opens a new Croatian studio, MCV DEVELOP

Raw Fury moves to new premises in Stockholm and opens a new Croatian studio, MCV DEVELOP

During the relocation, Raw Fury will move from its previous premises in Gamla Stan, Stockholm, to Fury House, which the publisher describes as the arena of the Swedish gaming industry.

We miss this place, but we needed a whole house for the future of Fury, said Jonas Antonsson, founder of Raw Fury. Because for some reason, Raw Fury has grown to 40 people in the last few years, spread across five countries and two continents. Hull.

A new Croatian studio called Fury Studios allows Raw Fury to provide direct support to its developers through any technical migration, code optimization, feature development, automation of testing and deployment, API integration, and more.

We've grown when we started seeing too many games that were just pure magic, and we just had to find a way to work with the great developers behind them. This meant finding new Furies that would help us ensure that we stay true so as not to neglect any developers.

Raw Fury believes that this expansion stems from its ethos of treating people like people, developing happiness for profit, and believing that games are an art. Instead of pitting developers and publishers against each other, Raw Fury has focused on building positive and healthy relationships with its partners, the press release said.

Raw rage is an experiment, Antonsson added. An attempt to show that you can be kind and trusting and always try to do the right thing and still be successful. This is the main basis for the appearance of rage.

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