Many US presidents were killed by assassins, but the correct answer to the millionaires' question was the name of Abraham Lincoln. The participant did well with this question, but the stairs began with the question about the lice feeder. Vote Vote Share Share Millionaire opinions. Questions about the US President and lice feeder (Press release, Photo: Cezary Piwowarski / TVN)

The question worth PLN 40,000 was about US history and the participant immediately admitted that she was not sure of the answer. She decided to use the lifebuoy and ask the audience for help. The question was: All these US presidents were killed by assassins during their term of office. Which died in the 1860s?

Despite the advantage for one of the answers, the woman was still not sure and used another lifebuoy phone to a friend. Ultimately, however, she trusted the audience and put on D's answer, which proved to be correct.

Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth President of the United States of America, who before the presidency sat in the House of Representatives as a representative of the Whig Party. He also took part in the Black Hawk war. He was elected president twice, but his presidency ended as a result of an assassination attempt by John Wilkes Booth. He was murdered on April 15, 1865.

The participant had further difficulties with a question worth PLN 250,000, which concerned the history of Polish literature. The question was: Which of the poets was a lice feeder?

The participant immediately admitted that she had no idea what the correct answer was and did not understand the meaning of the concept that was asked in the question. Having no more lifebuoys at her disposal, she decided to end the game with a win of PLN 125,000. The correct answer to this question is C - Zbigniew Herbert, Polish poet, essayist, playwright, creator of the famous poetry series "Mr. Cogito".

A lice feeder is a person who breeds lice on his body for laboratory purposes. Polish biologist Rudolf Weigl was a pioneer in the study of lice for breeding typhus. During the German occupation, men and women who had no other means of subsistence were employed as lice feeders. Employees received, among others additional food allocations and other benefits.

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