TF1 offers new US series: Emergence, Lincoln and Prodigal Son

TF1 offers new US series: Emergence, Lincoln and Prodigal Son

Like every year, TF1 makes its market among the novelties of the back to school. The channel has offered the rights to three of them: "Emergence", "Lincoln" and "Prodigal Son", to be discovered in the coming months on the TF1 group's channels.

In an interview with the newspaper Le Monde, & nbsp; Ara Aprikian, the deputy managing director of TF1, shares the main lines of the 2019/2020 season. If the development of French fiction remains a priority, the channel continues to invest in American series. Among the last lucky ones, three new products from the start of the new school year that the French public will discover in the coming months on the channels of the TF1 group.

Chief of the local police, Jo takes care of a young amnesiac girl who was found near a place where a mysterious accident occurred. To solve this case, it is absolutely necessary for him to discover the identity of this little girl. What she will discover will be far beyond comprehension ...

The legendary investigator and criminologist Lincoln Rhyme, seriously injured when chasing a serial killer known by the nickname "Bone Collector", is recalled to the field when he reappears. Lincoln will then team up with Amelia Sachs, a young cop who will help him in his investigations in New York ...

Malcolm Bright is a recognized criminologist, who knows the way of thinking of killers and understands how their minds work. Why ? Because his father was one of the worst serial killers: The Surgeon. Thanks to his twisted genius, the young man helps the New York police to solve crimes.