The 600 hp Lincoln Navigator embarrasses European SUVs

The 600 hp Lincoln Navigator embarrasses European SUVs

With the majestic Navigator, most SUVs known from our streets are getting tiny. And with the Navigator modified by Hennessey, most are also getting slow.

Well, after a deeper thought ... these arguments can not be refuted. It still turns out that this type of car really doesn't make any sense at all. And what? Huge, powerful SUVs can be enjoyed. The Lincoln Navigator modified by Hennessey is their new king.

Even the 5.4-liter V8 could appear under the bonnet of the three previous generations of the great Lincoln. Now times have changed and the engine of the new Navigator is "only" 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost. Works with an automatic transmission of up to 10 gears. The standard power of such a unit is 450 HP. The same motor is installed, e.g. in the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.

The famous American tuner boasts that it is the first company to deal with modifications to the new Lincoln. The navigator leaving their workshop reaches 600 hp, including due to a larger intercooler, modified engine software and changed exhaust. & nbsp; Acceleration from 0 to 96 km / h is 4.8 seconds. & nbsp; The tuner also provided typically American information, i.e. the time to cover ΒΌ mile. Lincoln will do it in 12.9 seconds. All this means that this model plays in one league with such cars as the BMW X5 M and Mercedes GLS 63 AMG.

Lincoln is huge - in the "short" version it measures 5.35 meters, and in the "long" version - almost 5.7 meters. The weight of such an SUV is at least 2622 kg - as a curiosity it can be said that the previous generation was even heavier. But the weight of the well-equipped long version dangerously approaches three tons. That is why it was also ensured that the modified Navigator brakes better - this will be thanks to larger Brembo discs.

The car suspension has been slightly lowered so that the driver also feels more confident when cornering. As far as it is possible in such a large and heavy car. Larger rims and low-profile tires were also installed, which ultimately destroy dreams of any Navigator sliding off the asphalt.

In Europe, this type of car does not work at all, because it is simply too big. As I wrote at the beginning of the text, it is too heavy and too angular to be able to enjoy the driver's sporting driving experience. However, he cannot be denied a specific climate. When you look at them, gangsta rap starts playing in our heads and we want to wander around Compton a bit and shoot someone.

In such a Navigator you can also look at the owners of European SUVs with a similar sense of superiority with which they look at the owners of smaller cars. And if one gets angry, we can always get away from him. We finally have 600 horses.

Parking? Combustion? This should not concern anyone here. Especially since in the trunk of the Navigator it would certainly fit the perfect Smart city.

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