The Walking Dead, a fan replaces Abraham Lincoln with Rick Grimes on a banknote

The Walking Dead, a fan replaces Abraham Lincoln with Rick Grimes on a banknote

The Walking Dead is missing at all, fans are shivering at the start of the second part of the season which will also feature the whisperers. In the meantime, an American fan has published the photograph of his very personal 5 dollars on a Reddit group dedicated to the series.

The banknote was modified by replacing Abraham Lincoln's face with that of Rick Grimes, and the pistol - the Colt Python - was added to its iconic pose. Some errants have also been drawn to complete a rather apocalyptic picture.

The question that arises is: but you, if you found a 5 euro banknote would you spend it or would you embroider on it the characters of your favorite TV series? In any case, it's a really nice design and it's strange to find out how Abraham Lincoln's face fits so well with that of Rick Grimes.

Will it be a coincidence that the actor who plays Rick, Andrew Lincoln, has the same surname as the 16th President of the United States of America? And does it seem a coincidence that Abraham Lincoln has been associated with the figure of a vampire hunter (The vampire hunter legend, 2012 film) while our Rick has to do with zombies? It would be interesting to see them together in a post apocalyptic fantasy film!

Evidently, this fan misses the character of Rick Grimes very much. In any case, Rick will return with a trilogy of films dedicated to him. While, the new episodes of the ninth season of The Walking Dead will air & nbsp; premiered on FOX from February 11. & nbsp;

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