They are ahead of time. Lincoln Continental Mark V vs BMW 8 :: Autonews

They are ahead of time. Lincoln Continental Mark V vs BMW 8 :: Autonews

Climate control, power accessories and an automatic light sensor & nbsp; - can the Lincoln from 1960 be & nbsp; be as cool as the BMW M850i ​​from 2019

The revived BMW Eight, which saw the light last year, has become one of the most striking and breakthrough Bavarian cars in the last few years. And it's not just about the stunning design and the gigantic V8 with a return of over 500 liters. pp., but also in a set of advanced equipment.

Heating, ventilation, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistant, automatic laser light and even a night vision system with pedestrian recognition. Another thing is surprising: almost a good half of such equipment appeared on cars more than half a century ago. Just few people know about it.

In 1960 & nbsp; g. Theodore Maiman invented the laser, Jacques Picard plunged to the very bottom of the Mariana Trench, and this Continental Mark V came off the assembly line of the Lincoln factory in Detroit. In general, many other breakthrough events occurred 60 years ago. For example, an artificial kidney was created, and living creatures & nbsp; - the Squirrel and Strelka dogs - returned to Earth for the first time alive and unharmed.

But a simple person, especially an American, was not worried about what was happening behind closed doors of laboratories or in the second low Earth orbit. It was much more important to see the fruits of technological progress in everyday life, and to feel how they are changing lives for the better here and now. So ordinary Americans were much more delighted and delighted by the Tappan microwave oven and Faema electric coffee machine that just went on sale.

This Lincoln was also one of the markers of rapid technological progress. For 1960, he was incredibly technological and breakthrough and, as it turned out, was ahead of his time by more than half a century. And even now, with a set of equipment and comfort options, the Mark V can put almost any modern mass car on the shoulder blades.

The beauty of Lincoln did not leave anyone indifferent. Mark V surprised with elegant racks with a reverse slope and a convex roof, as if hovering over a car. His hardtop is a sedan without a central pillar. Europeans often call “hardtops” two-door cars with a removable hardtop, although they are mistaken. Such modifications of roadsters are more correctly called “targa”.

Continental Mark V was for Lincoln, and indeed for the entire Ford corporation, an experimental car. This was the first model with a supporting body in the American market. Customers at Lincoln dealerships were surprised and did not fully understand why & nbsp; all the components and assemblies of the car are attached in the absence of a frame.

At the same time, he was heavier than the frame competitors, classmates, by about a centner. But people from Ford did not care much, as did customers. Indeed, under the hood of the Continental Mark V, the most powerful at that time 7-liter V-shaped "eight" with a return of 350 forces was installed. Even the Cadillac 8-cylinder big block developed “only” 325 forces.

But most of all, customers appreciated the Continental Mark V for comfort and equipment. Therefore, the gearbox & nbsp; is only an “automatic machine”, and both the brake system and the steering mechanism have hydraulic amplifiers.

Well, the Lincoln options will envy almost any modern car. Here electric motors control everything that is possible. Electric drives can move not only a sofa and glass, but also a radio antenna. Oh, and by the way, pay attention to the seven power window keys. In addition to the standard four buttons that are responsible for raising and lowering the side windows, a couple more control the rotation of the front windows, and a single button lowers and raises the rear large window.

In addition, there is a central lock, an electric parking brake and even an air conditioning system, which in essence is a prototype of climate control, because it can cool the air in two separate zones of the cabin: left and right.

But the triumph of high technology & nbsp; is an automatic photocell-based light sensor mounted directly above the dashboard. Moreover, he not only turns on the headlights when dusk sets in, but also reacts to the light beam of oncoming cars and can automatically switch the optics from far to near.

Today, Lincoln produces a little more than one hundred thousand cars a year and sells its models only in the US and China. The brand, which in the middle of the last century had every chance of becoming something like an American Bentley or even Rolls Royce, first took the blow of the fuel crisis of the mid-1970s, and after & nbsp; - an influx into the American market of inexpensive Asian cars.

The current Lincoln models are not amazing, but rather follow the trends, trying to find their niche in the market. But the technical heritage of the legendary American brand surprises and delights so far.

When a crossover cannot do without running boards, where is it better to take a child seat, where to hide garbage in a car, how to protect the trunk and how to fit a coffee maker into a cup holder

For a person of growth not lower than average, equipping the crossover with external thresholds may seem like a whim, especially if each of them costs almost 29 thousand rubles. But this is exactly the case when it was impossible to do without them. Otherwise, an attempt to hoist a full-length bicycle could end in failure: it is almost impossible to raise 15-pound equipment on outstretched arms standing on full-time thresholds.

Branded accessories are expensive, but you can go a long way in trying to build a dream car. Most recently, we tested a very expensive Skoda Kodiaq worth 3.3 million, and now we have at our disposal a more affordable car, which in fact turned out to be much more practical. This is an all-wheel drive Kodiaq in the performance of the Hockey Edition with a 1.4 TSI motor worth 2,078,600 rubles, which is equipped with accessories for almost 230 thousand more and can do much more.

Kodiaq and without additional tricks has an impressive luggage compartment of 650 liters (in a five-seater version), but this is not enough for the transportation of large-sized sports equipment. For example, it is possible to place a ski wardrobe trunk in the cabin only by pulling it into the cabin through the hatch for long lengths, which may be inconvenient for passengers. And you cannot fit a bicycle even into such a salon without partial disassembly and folding of the seats.

That is why in the list of branded accessories there is a special box with a volume of 380 liters and a load capacity of 75 kg, which holds five pairs of skis up to 215 cm long or four snowboards. Such a box costs as much as 33 thousand rubles, but it looks harmonious on the roof and does not spoil the aerodynamics of the car. One should only bear in mind that due to an increase in the overall height on toll roads, they can write off more from the transponder, as for a car of another class. There is only one solution: drive up to the cashier and give the transponder to him for manual debiting.

You can install several bike mounts next to or instead of the box. In our case, & nbsp; - lockable. It is for the installation of the bike that steps are needed, because without them it will be very difficult to put a heavy bike on the roof. The technology is as follows: a bicycle by the frame and the front wheel rises to the roof, is placed on wheels by the wheels, is captured by a lock in the lower part of the frame and special slings - by the wheels. To remove it is even easier: just loosen the slings, open the frame lock and pull the bike off the roof.

Each bike mount will cost about 10 thousand rubles. But it should be borne in mind that for bike mounts and boxing, in addition to standard rails, transverse ones will also be required, a set of which will cost an extra 22 thousand rubles. A complete set for transporting sports equipment costs at least 65 thousand, and here you will need to add almost the same amount on the steps, without which it will be very uncomfortable to load the roof.

In the list of Skoda branded accessories there is a KIDFIX XP child seat of group 2-3 (for children weighing 15 to 36 kg) worth 35 thousand rubles. It fits perfectly in the Isofix mounts of the Kodiaq rear or front passenger seat, has a height-adjustable headrest, an overlay for the seat belt and an additional belt support to protect the inguinal area.

However, this is not a completely branded product - the seats for Skoda are supplied by Britax Romer. According to the results of crash tests of the German company ADAC, this is really one of the best seats in group 2-3, but it makes sense to order it from the dealer only when you need to leave the salon with an armchair. Exactly the same can be found in free sale at a price of about 20 thousand rubles, and in specialized stores the choice of colors and trim levels will be greater.

For children, it is better for the dealer to order original tablet holders that are mounted on the base of the front seat head restraints. The holder costs a little less than 3 thousand rubles, is fastened with almost one movement and extends to the size of the largest tablets. For the driver’s peace of mind, you can take two of them at once, all the more so when they are folded up and take up almost no space, for example, in door pockets.

The cost of a portable refrigerator with a volume of 20 liters is 17.5 thousand rubles. and also looks very overpriced, but at least it works fine, unlike the unnamed Chinese counterparts. In addition, it has special straps for fixing the seat belt on the seat, and this placement option is clearly better than a dangling box in the trunk.

When powered from a 12-volt network, the refrigerator is expected to only support cooling, and it starts to cool more or less normally only when connected to a 230 V network - for example, to a household outlet on the same machine. There is also a more compact version with a volume of 15 liters, which fits exactly in the middle of the rear sofa, but it has only a 12-volt connection and outstanding power.

Perhaps the strangest “kitchen” accessory found in the crossover is the portable coffee machine. More precisely, a set that allows you to make a very decent espresso in three minutes when connected to a 12-volt network. There are a couple of cups and coffee capsules in the kit, and the driver will only need a bottle of water. The device itself is ideally included in a regular cup holder, but with a price of 16.5 thousand rubles. more like a cunning car toy than a useful gadget.

The standard waste bin, which is mounted in the door pocket, also seems slightly overestimated. For 1800 rub. the dealer will offer only a plastic frame with a lid, in which you need to install packages yourself. The trick is that they haven’t yet invented anything more convenient for storing small debris in a car, and there is absolutely nothing on the market that blends so perfectly with the interior design.

It’s not a pity to give even 9.5 thousand rubles for a folding double-sided boot carpet, because this is perhaps the most convenient and simple way not to spoil the boot with dirty things or shoes. By default, the carpet lies with its non-slip textile side up, to which Velcro clings well. If you need to put dirty things in, the carpet is quite simple to open: two different-sized pieces are folded forward on the folded backs of the back sofa, another & nbsp; - short & nbsp; - covers the edge of the trunk. All exposed carpet surfaces are covered with non-marking rubber.

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